Bhutan Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre

The First Parliamentarian enacted the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of Bhutan 2013 (ADR Act 2013) on the 3rd Day of the 2nd Month of the Water Female Snake Year of the Bhutanese Calendar corresponding to the 25th Day of February 2013.

In absence of such ADR centre, the Construction Development Board was authorized to facilitate the arbitration.

And accordingly Bhutan Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre (Bhutan ADRC) was establish and started functioning from 15th May 2018....

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Arbitrators Training The Bhutan ADR Centre is pleased to announce the following As per...

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01 July 2021:…. Document required if party’s Jabmi 19 March 2021:.. Interim International Arbitration...

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As we launch the Bhutan Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre Service Rules and Regulation 2020,...


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In the wake of first confirmed COVID-19 case in the country, the Bhutan Alternation...

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The selection interview result for the post of Messenger held on 30th January 2020...

Arbitration Agreement

“Arbitration agreement” means an agreement in writing between the parties to submit to arbitration all or certain disputes which have arisen or which may arise between them in respect of a defined legal relationship,...

Negotiated settlement

“Negotiated settlement” means a process, whether referred to by the expression ‘conciliation’, ‘mediation’ or an expression of similar import, whereby parties request negotiator to assist the parties to settle dispute arising out of or relating to..

Domestic Arbitration

“Domestic arbitration” shall mean an arbitration to which all parties are: 1. Citizens of the Kingdom of Bhutan; or 2. Body corporate, a company, business entity or an association which is incorporated in, or whose central management and...

International commercial arbitration

“International commercial arbitration” means an arbitration relating to disputes arising out of legal relationships, whether contractual or not, considered commercial and where at least one of the parties is: