About Us

Bhutan Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre

The First Parliamentarian enacted the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of Bhutan 2013 (ADR Act 2013) on the 3rd Day of the 2nd Month of the Water Female Snake Year of the Bhutanese Calendar corresponding to the 25th Day of February 2013.

In absence of such ADR centre, the Construction Development Board was authorized to facilitate the arbitration.

And accordingly Bhutan Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre (Bhutan ADRC) was establish and started functioning from 15th May 2018, and it defines as an independent body, having a distinct legal personality, and capable of doing all commercial related dispute through arbitration and negotiation. Bhutan is 151 states party in the New York Convention

Functions of the Centre

The Centre serve as a neutral, efficient and reliable dispute resolution service centre and

  1. Carry out administrative and secretarial functions for the dispute resolution proceeding
  2. Provide expertise in the field of alternative dispute resolutions to the stakeholders
  3. Provide training to the people who are involved in the Alternative Dispute Resolution
  4. Certify an arbitrator who is trained by the Centre
  5. Accredit other qualified arbitrators
  6. Facilitate negotiated settlement as deemed Appropriate
  7. Disseminate information to the public on Alternative Dispute Resolution
  8. Liaise with International Alternative Dispute Resolution bodies