Domestic Arbitration

“Domestic arbitration” shall mean an arbitration to which all parties are:

  1. Citizens of the Kingdom of Bhutan; or
  2. Body corporate, a company, business entity or an association which is incorporated in, or whose central management and control is exercised in Bhutan.

Exclusion from domestic arbitration

The matters which shall not be subject to domestic arbitration shall include:

  1. Disputes relating to rights and liabilities which give rise to or arise out of criminal offences;
  2. Matrimonial disputes relating to divorce, judicial separation, restitution of conjugal rights, child custody;
  3. Guardianship;
  4. Insolvency and winding up;
  5. Testamentary;
  6. Subject of inheritance;
  7. Subject of taxation; or
  8. Such other matters which are against public policy, morality or any other existing provisions of the law for the time being in force in Bhutan.